Volunteer Roles

Why volunteer with us?

  • First and foremost; be part of our family!  We have a wide range of volunteers varying in age, backgrounds and abilities. We do not discriminate and each individual is treated with respect and dignity.
  • We have a wide range of volunteer roles, making your days interesting and different, you will gain new skills and training on-going.
  • Your confidences, friendship groups and skills will improve.
  • Cleveland Fire Support Network offers an online induction programme which will not only improve your knoweldge of the Network and the legal framework of our Charity, but will also gain you certification which can be added to your current Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Our Volunteering Roles Include:

  • Home Fire Safety Referrals & Visits - volunteers receive training on how to complete these visits. It includes going into homes of residents and inspecting their properties, ensuring that they are fire safe and have correctly sited working smoke alarms.
  • Events & Exhibition Support - C.F.S.N volunteers provide support at varying events from Volunteer Fayres to getting involved in National Campaigns, such as the Chip Pan Week in February, encouraging members of the public to cook safely and stop using old fashioned chip pans as they are one of the main causes of kitchen fires.
  • Office Duties / Administration - If you would like to increase your skills in I.T., telephone communication and or general cleaning and maintenance of the office then please get in touch.
  • Drivers - If you have a driving licence we can offer you a driving assessment through Cleveland Fire Brigade which will allow you to drive a company vehicle. As well as being a driver you will also be able to carry out the following roles:
    • Delivery of Risk Reduction Equipment
    • Trailer Towing
  • Heart Start (basic first aid course) - This course runs in partnership with the British Heart Foundation. You can train to become a trainer or train as a support volunteer to educate members of the public on dealing with an unconscious person, the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, recognising a cardiac arrest and performing CPR, dealing with choking, dealing with serious bleeding.
  • Learn & Live Support - This is a presentation lead training programme involving real life situatons such as house fires, drugs and alcohol mis-use and driving incidents. Volunteers are trained to support an audience and help individuals if they become uncomfortable or distressed whilst watching the footage.
  • Interpretation Support for Operational Fire Crews, this support provides vital information to those in our community who do not have english as a first language.
  • After Fire Support - As a volunteer you will be trained to complete assessments after the event of a fire and evaluate what support is necassary to help the victims. We also offer a cleaning service and provide replacement items for those lost in a fire as well as counselling and support.
  • P.A.T Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) - We offer training for volunteers in portable appliance testing which is a service offered by Cleveland Fire Support Network to test electrical appliances within the work place.  We offer discounted prices to the voluntary and community sector.
  • Sensory Loss Alarm and CO Detector Installation & Maintenance - Volunteers are trained to install and maintain sensory loss alarm systems and carbon monoxide detectors to our hearing loss community.
  • Chip Pan Unit Demonstration - You can be trained on how to perform a C.P.U demonstration safely and how to interact with an audience to help  prevent chip pan fires and what to do in the event of a kitchen fire.
  • Handyperson Scheme - Supporting our most vulnerable in society offering light DIY and gardening

For further information contact the office on 01642 288009 or complete the application forms below. They can be emailed to - volunteers@cleveladndfiresupportnetwork.org; or sent via post to:  Cleveland Fire Support Network, 1 Bickley Way, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough, TS8 9NW.

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