I qualified with a BSC degree in adult nursing from the University of the west of Scotland in 2012. Once qualified I worked for 12 months at Basildon Hospital on the renal ward. In November 2013 I decided to join the British Army. My first posting was to Defence Medical Group South East where I gained experience working in accident and emergency. In 2016 I was posted to 16 air assault brigade where I successfully completed All Arms Parachute Selection. In 2017 I deployed on Op Trenton 2 to South Sudan where provided medical support to the UN troops. I was selected for Sergeant in 2018 and have spend the last 2 years as instructor at the Army Training Centre Pirbright. I have now brought a house in Middlesbrough and looking for a new challenge and want to support my local community. My full time job for the foreseeable will be working at Defence Medical Group North (James Cook). I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Jordan.

Jordan Page

I currently work for morrisons stockton part time I always work 4 morning 6am till 10am so free every day after 10am.I worked in steelworks for 35yrs before this, I have driven and towed most things in my 39yrs of driving with no convictions, so this is something I would be interested in seems I finish work at 10am, sorry if this testimonial is not satisfactory but I have not done one of these for 40yrs. And I am still very active just because I am 62 does not make me incapable in my opinion Thanks

Allister young

At 60 years of age and a former HST intercity instructor train driver, who regularly plays walking football with full time fire officers; I'm already part of the team, so to speak. But I'd like to help my teammates and my community in trying to keep everyone safe. As a retiree I'm available all the time and it's a great way to learn some new skills.

Tommy Dudley

My name is Nour hammoodi I’m 18 years of age I live in Middlesbrough 32 Croydon road 10 minuets away from a fire station I’m looking into volunteering because I am trying to become a fire fighter and I believe this could open a lot of doors for me, I did and passed level 2 public services at Middlesbrough college to help me to get into becoming fire fighter after I successfully passed level two business at Macmillan post 16, right now I work part time as a men’s hairdresser/ barber I been doing this for almost three years and it’s going great for me it helped me become a confident person good at communicating, this has made me a mature person for my age and I believe a can help my new community as I just moved from spain Middlesbrough 5 years ago to finish my education. Art gcse: C Spanish gcse: A Arabic gcse: A* English language: pass Maths gcse: D Science gcse: D Level 2 public services Level 2 business I speak, read and Wright in three languages Arabic, Spanish and English

Nour hammoodi

Hello I am interested in the volunteering prospects within the fire service. Please could you send me more information. Kind regards Kelda

Kelda Hall

I’ve always been very passionate about helping and creating better paths for People throughout my life and this would be an amazing opportunity to help Others and the community around me. It would Be a great dream of mine to become part of such an amazing task force to make the future a better and safer place to live

Chloe Gray

I have been with Cleveland Fire Support Network for a number of years now, In a volunteering role and as a member of paid staff. I have found that volunteering has helped me greatly to achieve my goals in gaining employment and now moving on to further education within University. The Network is a great little family and I have gained friends that I will always keep in touch with in the future. The work that the Network do in the community is fantastic, providing fire safety to everyone in our local area. If you are thinking of volunteering then the Network would be a great place for you to start and I would like to personally thank everyone for their great guidance and help I have received in the time that I have been here.

Craig Anderson