A Local Charity Supporting Our Local Community

Who we are

The Cleveland Fire Support Network (C.F.S.N), was originally set up in June 2007 as a registered Charity with Company Ltd by Guarantee Status.

Working in the community, the Charity provides a variety of fire related services.

Our aim is to make a real difference to our community; provide a safer and stronger environment in which people are listened to and offered the right amount of support at the right time.

We work extremely hard to ensure that our most vulnerable in society are supported and listened to.




Who we work with

We believe strongly in partnership working, we have strong links with many of our local schools, colleges, community groups and other voluntary & community sector organisations; social care and housing providers.

Through these partnerships we will continue to move forward and develop new areas of work for the future of our volunteers and the community.

So where do you fit?

VOLUNTEER - We are always interested to hear from anyone wishing to volunteer.  There are plenty of opportunities and a guarantee that you will develop new skills, increase confidences and make new friends.

We have lots of training opportunities including Heart Start (CPR) course supported by the British Heart Foundation, arson prevention, home fire safety visits; as well as supporting our hearing impaired community with specialist alarms.

If you have some spare-time and think you could support your community then either contact the office or follow the links and  apply on-line.


If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about partnership working please contact the office on 01642 288009