The Cleveland Fire Support Network is a Registered Charity, providing volunteer support alongside and on behalf of Emergency Services, Public & Private Sector Organisations and the Voluntary and Communtiy Sector.  As part of this work, we are now able to offer an on-line induction programme called 'T.I.M.E' to organisations involved in the recruitment and retention of volunteers.  This on-line training portal will provide organisations with ready made volunteers, reducing overheads and on-costs as well as increasing productivity.

This programme will provide organsations with ready-made volunteers, who apart from having to undergo a familiarisation visit of their volunteering environment are able to start volunteering immediately.  There are a number of value added benefits to this programme, such as; units can be personalised to suit the environment volunteers will be supporting, the programme is user friendly and current with Health & Safety in the Work Place and legislation.

This programme has been designed to provide a more efficent way of inducting volunteers into our Charity, but there are cross-overs for small to medium sized companies that could utilise this e-learning programme to induct and enhance their workforce with up to date training on-line and hastle free.

For further information call our team on - 01642 288009 or email volunteers@clevelandfire.gov.uk

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