Handyperson Scheme doing great work in the Community

Posted: 07/01/21
'Thank you to the CFSN handyperson scheme, living by myself with little to no support, this service is a life line to feeling and living normal, two people came to my property yesterday to do some odd jobs one being fixing my patio doors which would not lock and left me feeling very vulnerable, they did a sterling job and made me feel completely at ease; they were professional, courteous and made sure that they adhered to social distancing and wore the appropriate protective clothing.
I am so thankful for an amazing service that is responsive, reasonably priced and safe'.
This comment came from a lady in the community who had asked if we could fix her patio doors, the handyperson's completed several jobs in the property that she had struggled with for several months. Get in touch with John on 07536 991144 if you have any questions or would like to book in the handyperson.