Stay Positive

Posted: 01/12/20

It is becoming really difficult to keep motivated and or positive considering the situation we are all facing and I realise myself that we are all dealing with a range of emotions as well as life in general, but for me I look outside and see the beautiful countryside, the smell and sound of the sea and I am at peace and happy for that moment. 

This year has been quite hard to deal with, I lost my mum in February and since then have lost a further four friends who at one point or another were a big part of my life.  I was made redundant in July and struggled to come to terms with the manner in which it happened and how people I thought good and decent could let you down, especially when you least expect it.  

Look after each other, keep in touch with loved ones and pick up the phone to those isolated it makes such a difference to know someone thinks about you.

Merry Christmas