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Parkway Shopping Centre - Family Fun Day on July 6th 2019

Posted: 12/06/19

The Parkway Centre are hosting a family fun day on 6th July 2019 to support local Charities such as JPC Community Farm and Great Ormand Street Hospital.

Pop along for a fun filled day!


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Volunteer Week

Posted: 04/06/19

 Volunteering takes many shapes, it can be stopping off at a neighbours and makiing sure they are alright, it can be something more substantial and specific; but what ALL volunteering has in common is the fact that they care about their community the people that live in it and what happens.  Volunteers are the life blood of the community, offering their time.  By volunteering you show the rest of the world that YOU have a moral compass for doing what is right and good.

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Volunteer Week 1st - 7th June 2019

Posted: 03/06/19

WOW what a great week to showcase our own volunteers and that or the wider volunteering community, tomorrow we are the gracious hosts of the Volunteer Torch to find out the full weeks activities visit MVDA website.

Thank you to all of our volunteers, you do amazing things daily and support your community to stay safe.

To our unsung heroes, you are all STARS.

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