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Vote for us!!

Posted: 22/11/17

ASDA Southbank have added us to their Charity boxes.

The more you spend, the more tokens you receive. You can vote for one of 3 Charities to receive a donation of up to £500.00.

Please vote for us! Your support would be very much appreciated.


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Electrical Safety Week 20th - 26th November 2017

Posted: 15/11/17

More needs to be done to keep people safe from electrical fires says (FRS) and Electrical Safety First

While there has been a general drop in domestic fires, going from 33,280 in 2012-13 to 31,267 in 2015-16, the percentage with an electrical origin has consistently stayed around half. Across England there were a total of 18,375 electrical fires in 2015-16, causing 2,448 fatalities and injuries. That’s an average of 47 each week and seven a day.

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Locking Cooker Valves

Posted: 14/11/17

Scottish Gas Network have introduced a free locking valve for cookers to give extra support to the most vulnerable in our community; especially those suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer’s.


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Free Winter Car Check

Posted: 14/11/17

Free Winter Car Check at Coulby Newham Fire Station on Saturday 18th November 2017 from 10am - 4pm.

Cleveland Fire Brigade will offer you a free five point vehicle safety check:

Tyres, lights, fluid levels, windscreen wipers and FREE washer fluid top up.

If you would like a check or know anyone that would head to Coulby Fire Station this weekend.



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