Volunteer Testimonials

Posted: 05/06/17

As part of National Volunteer Week we asked our volunteers to write a paragraph about their volunteering experience:


Hi,  I'm Catherine. I'm a stay at home mam of two little girls and have been for about 6 years my youngest is 2 years old. I joined the Fire Support Network because I have an interest in the Fire Brigade and love to meet new people plus I only live over the road from my local Fire Station. Being a stay at home Mam is hard, it can affect your self esteem and sort of turn your brain into mush. I've always been a bit shy and have had zero confidence and self esteem. Ive been with the Fire Support Network since the end of January. Since then I have grown so much in confidence and I've loved being around adults! It's helped me like myself again. I would recommend joining us in a heartbeat because everyone is so lovely. I wouldn't dream of leaving them. They have helped me so much and I love volunteering!


Becoming a Volunteer was a hard choice for me after fighting drug and alcohol  addiction and also quitting smoking, I becoming a loner. Not only has it helped me to become a better person with an aim in life, but has also helped me meet some great new friends. Since i joined the Fire Support Network on 19/01/16 ive achieved great things in such a short time with alot of guidance and friendship from all members of staff. I not only became a volunteer Team Leader but managed to be succesfull in gaining payed employment in the Network as the new Coordinator. I now talk about the network wherever i go as it is such a rewarding place to work as a volunteer, not just for gaining new friends but also for how great it makes you feel helping your local comunity. Craig.


Hello to all of you nice people. I have experience as a volunteer as part of CFSN. It was my first voluntary job and I really enjoyed that. I met loads of nice people they let me improve my skills. It helps me a lot in everything and even if you think it is not paid job, you are wrong, cause you will gain experience and self confidence and at the end, you will find good friends. It helps me to find a job and I am working now and always thankful to the great CFSN and Heather and Nadia. Kindest regards, Ramin from IRAN