Trustees' Week

Posted: 26/09/17

Trustees' Week 2017

An opportunity to engineer real social change through diversifying our trustee base and strengthening our organisations.

To celebrate Trustees' Week 2017 (upcoming 13-17th November) MVDA and RCVDA are campaigning locally for the recruitment of new trustees or management committee members to strengthen voluntary and community organisations across South Tees. To support this agenda, we are asking organisations to...


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Complete our short survey to share with us your current skills/ knowledge gaps within your existing board or management committee. 
We will use this information to inform our planning of activities throughout Trustees' Week and hope to produce and distribute a brochure of vacancies; for local professionals to consider trusteeship.


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Let us know (in 150 words) who makes a real difference through their role on a local board or management committee.
How do their skills and knowledge complement the mission of your organisation?
Could their story inspire professionals from a similar background to take up trusteeship?