The Business Exchange with Steph McGovern

Posted: 25/05/16

Steph McGovern is a British business journalist for the BBC. She is currently the main business presenter for BBC Breakfast and a regular co-host.

Steph began her BBC career on work experience on the Tomorrow's World programme, before securing part-time employment as a researcher in current affairs.

She went on to be main producer for daily financial news on the Today programme on Radio 4, before becoming the lead producer of business news on the BBC's one, six and ten o'clock news bulletins.

Steph McGovern is the guest speaker to talk about her insights for driving business growth and success in the North East.

Heather Whyman C.E.O of Cleveland Fire Support Network attended the breakfast meeting last week; "Having attended the event at the Forge Darlington, I was both impressed at Steph's presence as well as her presentation and talk; especially the clip which a viewer had tampered with increasing the speed of the video footage and adding the Benny Hill theme tune to it, which showed Steph being chased around a pig pen with a pig firmly attached to her wellie boot. Steph spoke passionately about and for the North East and it was a really interesting morning."